Chakra Stones and Chakra Crystals

All things in the universe are forms of vibrating energy, including inorganic solid matter like stones. This knowledge about the real nature of all things, although just recently proven by science, was already executed thousands of years ago by several civilizations like the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians or Greeks. They all seemed to know about the frequencies of specific rocks and crystals and used them in their jewellery, in their rituals or as burial objects. From the 11th century through the renaissance precious- and semi-precious stones were even used in the treatment of several medical diseases. Although nowadays not recognized in modern medical therapies, their healing properties find more and more appreciation and application in holistic healing methods like Reiki or crystal healing.

For the ease of reading all minerals covered will be referred to as stones. Some stones actually qualify for rocks, like Unakite or Lapis Lazuli, although most of them are of crystalline substance and therefore considered to be crystals.

Many stones have piezoelectric properties, even “organic stones” like amber and jet. With their unique nature and own frequency stones can be used to harmonize the energy system of the human body and support the healing of the chakras. As a general rule of thumb we can say that the colors of the stone resonate with the chakra colors and can be used according to those. There are some master stones though which can be used for balancing all chakras, like Quartz. Quartz crystals exist in almost all colors; have strong piezoelectric qualities and high amplification properties.

In the following some chakra healing stones that have an activating and balancing chakras are presented:

Root chakra stones

Black Obsidian is formed from molten lave that cooled very quickly. It helps to release negativity and has very strong grounding qualities. In many cultures black obisidian has been used by shamans to get in touch with the spirit world.

Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl and has the ability to release stress and to transform negativity into a positive mindset. It is further a very strong spiritual grounding stone that will also help to get rid of obsessive behavior patterns.

Red Garnet is the stone of regeneration, energizing and protection from evil. It is used to access past life memories during regression and helps to release negative karma. It is further considered to be a stone supporting manifestation as it grounds ones dreams into reality.

Jet is the stone of purification and protection. It was formed millions of years ago from driftwood that has fossilized into lignite coal. Jet, which is also known as black amber, is a protector against sickness and violence but also for finances and businesses. It further works as a purifier of incoming information and is used for psychic and past life work. Additionally, it is used for spiritual advancement and to assist in awakening the Kundalini energy.

Smoky Quartz is considered to be one of the most grounding and cleansing stones there is. Is has been used for thousands of years in many civilizations in rituals and tribal ceremonies and is able to protect and ground us on a physical but also spiritual level to this world. If further absorbs and transmutes negative energy and helps us to release it into the earth.

Sacral chakra stones

Amber is an “organic stone” as it was formed by fossilized resin and helps to balance our emotions, clear the mind and enhance creativity. Amber is further reputed to help cleansing the blood and to ease paint in joints and ligaments. It has strong piezoelectric properties and will show an electrical charge when rubbed.

Carnelian is considered a stabilising stone that stimulates creativity, gives courage and helps to overcome any kind of abuse. It further supports the transformation of negativity and to establish a life confirming attitude. Carnelian has a regulating effect on the kidneys and ensures good blood flow to the organs and tissues.

Coral is an “organic stone” which is formed by polyp-bearing marine animals that live in colonies. As it comes from the see it is strongly connected with the water element and emotions. Coral helps balancing the sacral and the root chakra and is considered to boost the healing of disorders involving blood and bones.

Orange Calcite enhances creativity and is helpful with emotional issues. It has strong cleansing properties and supports the release of old negative thinking patterns. Calcite further is a strong amplifier that increases memory and learning abilities, but also supports distant healing, i.e. Reiki.

Solar plexus chakra stones

Citrine is known as the “success stone” as it supports the manifestation of success and abundance. This solar plexus chakra stone enhances mental clarity, confidence and will power. Citrine will remove negative energy and can help to relieve depression, self-doubt or anger.

Yellow Jasper is considered to be a stability stone that nurtures and eases emotional stress. This solar plexus chakra stone has especially been used during shamanic rituals by many ancient civilizations as it is also regarded as a companion stone in the physical and spiritual realms. It will support strength, courage and vitality in many areas of life. On a physical level yellow jasper will help detoxify the liver, gallbladder and intestines.

Tiger Eye is a strong protection stone that brings luck and prosperity to the wearer. This chakra stone will enhance will power and self-confidence, but also the correct use of power considering one’s own and others’ needs. On a physical level the yellow tiger eye will help to align and strengthen the spinal column and release toxins.

Heart chakra stones

Green Aventurine brings friendship to one’s life. This heart chakra stone is considered to calm and balance and enhance happiness. It further strengthens imagination and creativity as well as mental clarity. Some consider it as a lucky stone especially in games of chance. On a physical level this stone will benefit the circulatory system in balancing the blood pressure, strengthen the immune system.

Jade is the stone of purity and serenity that signifies peace through strength. Jade has been used for thousands of years by many ancient civilizations and was valued for its healing and protection powers. It was considered to be the “dream stone” which supports the access to the spiritual world and to deeper knowledge. Green jade is the heart chakra stone to attract new love and increase trustworthiness and fidelity.

Malachite is a strong protection stone that conceals ones energy field from negative entities. This heart chakra stone encourages loyalty and faithfulness in all type of relationships. It helps to open your heart to others, but also helps in making the right choices as it embodies the power of synchronicity. Malachite is known as great healing stone as well, as is will help lower blood pressure. It further helps mothers to produce more milk when breast feeding.

Rose Quartz is known as the universal “love stone”. This stone especially connects us to the higher heart or thymus chakra as its frequency resonates with unconditional love, joy and healing. Rose quartz strengthens romantic relationships, but also inspires the love of beauty which may be manifested though art. When worn directly on the body rose quartz will not only resonate through the whole aura but throughout the whole room where it is located.

Watermelon Tourmaline is sometimes referred to as the “gateway to the inner self” as it encourages a calm, centered state of mind. It is a beautiful but rare stone with pyroelectric properties, which naturally occurs in the three colors green, pink and white. It is considered to be an effective activator for the heart and higher heart chakra that will help to attract love but also balances the male and female energies within us.

Throat chakra stones

In general, all blue stones will be beneficial for the throat chakra.

Sodalite has a strong vibration and is connected with the qualities of idealism, self-discipline and truth. When working with the throat chakra, Sodalite is very beneficial for effective communication and public speaking. When working with the third eye chakra, Sodalite further assists in the development of intuition and psychic abilities. In general, this chakra stone will help us not only connecting with the higher truth but also to live and to speak out of it.

Blue Kyanite is also known as the “stone of alignment” as it helps aligning all the chakras without conscious efforts. It is a very high vibrational crystal that repels negative energies and doesn’t need to be cleaned. The vibration of a Blue Kyanite will further open the throat chakra and enhance personal communication skills and the ability to speak the soul’s real truth.

Angelite is a strong general communication stone that especially helps to get in contact with higher beings like guides or angels, as it name already indicates. Its energy is very soothing to the emotions and facilitate relieve of stress and inner peace. As Angelite aids communicating with the spirit world it help in overcoming feelings like grief or guilt with regard to persons passing. .

Turquoise is probably the oldest stone used in man’s history. For ages this stone has been regarded as a token for wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality. As a stone of purification it dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog from the environment. When put on the throat chakra it will help releasing old vows and patterns and support the true soul’s expression. Turquoise can also be used on the third eye chakra where it will enhance the communication with the spirit world.

Third eye chakra stones

Lapiz Lazuli is a universal symbol for wisdom and truth and has been used since the origin of mankind. It is a powerful stone that activates the higher mind and enhances intellectual abilities.

Labradorite is considered to be a stone of magic used by many shamans and healers to gain wisdom from the unseen world. It is excellent for the awakening of one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities and further one of the strongest protections stones under the minerals.

Azurite has since the times of Atlantis been regarded a powerful psychic stone that helps on the way to enlightenment. This third eye chakra stone stimulates the intellect, awakens psychic and intuitive abilities and aids with the remembering of dreams and even past life regression. Used on the third eye this stone will help cleansing the subconscious of emotionally charged thoughts or negative feelings, and restoring a higher and clearer mental state.

Crown chakra stones

Amethyst is the premier spiritual stone that connects the physical with the spiritual realm. With its very high frequency amethyst purifies the aura of any negative energy, while creating a protecting shield of light. This beautiful chakra crystal will not only stimulate the crown but also the third eye chakra supporting cognitive perception as well as facilitating the development of intuitive and psychic ability.

Herkimer Diamonds are a type of clear quartz and regarded as “ascension stones”. As all quartz crystals they have a very high vibration and pyroelectric properties. A Herkimer diamond though has even stronger amplifying qualities resulting from its inherent crystalline form that has two terminations. When using it while working with the crown or third eye chakra it will help the soul to connect with higher guidance and to raise its own energy. This powerful stone works also very well together with other chakra stones as it will amplify the energy of even tiny crystals.

Selenite is a stone of very high vibration and facilitates spiritual growth as it cleanses the crown chakra and enables the energy to rise even higher up to the etheric chakras, i.e. the soul star chakra. Selenite is also a very effective stone for the third eye charka as it helps us to connect to higher realms and to develop psychic abilities. Used on the higher chakras this stone will help us breaking through the illusion of reality and see who we really are.

White Topaz, also known as Clear or Silver Topaz, is also a stone used throughout the ages and even mentioned in biblical texts. As one of the crown chakra stones, White Topaz will support spiritual development and guidance from the spirit world. This high energetic crystal caries the vibration of truth and facilitates mental clarity and memory. It will support manifestations, especially when they are aligned with the higher truth and the good of all.